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Do you find the days pass by too quickly and you run out of time? Do you have tasks that you'd like to pass to someone else so that you can concentrate on more important things? Then you've come to the right place!

Hi, I'm Isabelle. I love organization and I love working with numbers. I wouldn't go anywhere without a book and something digital -- my computer, my tablet, or my phone. I can't help it; I need to stay connected.

I'd love to help you get more done in a day. I can take over some of your tasks so that you can concentrate on making your business more profitable, be able to work less and go on vacation, or even just read that book you've been meaning to read for a while but never have the time!

How does that sound?

How I can help

Email Management

Emails are a great way to communicate. However, sometimes emails can get a little out of hand. Too many emails and not enough time to go through them all. I can help you go through them all; sort, file, delete spam, and maybe even respond.

General VA

In our day-to-day life and in our business, we often have a lot of tasks that need to be done. Sometimes they're simple, sometimes they're complicated, and sometimes... we just don't want to deal with them. This is where I can help!

Photo Books

We accumulate tons of pictures but often don't do anything with them. They live on our phone until we run out of space; we transfer them to the computer where they remain unseen. Photo books allow you to display your photos in a way that they can be looked at any time you want. The memories are preserved and can be shared. I design photo books ready to be printed at AdoramaPix or another printer of your choice.


Sometimes we just need a second pair of eyes. As a proofreader, I'll double-check your work for typos, double words, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting issues. This applies to manuscripts, court transcripts, blog posts, emails, and anywhere else that has written words.

Website Maintenance

As time goes by, websites sometimes need a little maintenance. I can change the information on your site and add new pages. I can convert your HTML pages to PHP. If you have something that isn't working that you need to fix, I can investigate the problem and hopefully fix it as well.

Need help not listed here? Just contact me!

Prices start at $35 CAD / hour. Packages are also available customized to your needs.

Tell me about you

Sounds good? Then tell me more about you and what you're looking for. How can I help?